Foto: Veronika Bohn

Founding BOHREN – members Thorsten Benning (drums) Robin Rodenberg (Bass) Reiner Henseleit (everything except guitar, drums and bass), Morten Gass (guitar/piano) started playing music together in 1988 .

Driven by the idea of a more unique style of music, they formåed BOHREN (german word for drilling) in 1992 to play, as they called it, „doom ridden jazz music“.

1993 saw the band expand their name to BOHREN & DER CLUB OF GORE, as a link to the dutch instrumental band GORE, which inspired BOHREN to play instrumental music.

1996 Reiner Henseleit left the band.

1997 Christoph Clöser, composer and musician (saxophone, piano, vibraphone) joined BOHREN & DER CLUB OF GORE and the band started recording and performing regularly.

In the cast Benning, Clöser, Gass, Rodenberg the band plays more than 250 shows worldwide,.

2015 Drummer Thorsten Benning quit the band after 25 years.

Since 2016 Clöser,Gass, Rodenberg keep on working as trio.

Club of Gore:

Christoph Clöser: Saxophones, Fender Rhodes, Piano, Vibraphone, Drums

Morten Gass: Organ, Mellotron, Piano, Moog, Guitar, Drums

Robin Rodenberg: Bass, Double Bass, Drums